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Dealing with hoarding. When is it time to call in the junk removal company?

Dealing with hoarding. When is it time to call in the junk removal company?

When someone has accumulated a lot of possessions they may be called a hoarder by their friends. But true hoarding disorder is a serious psychological problem that goes far beyond having collections or holding on to a lot of stuff. Knowing the right time to call a junk removal company can be difficult and complex.

Symptoms of hoarding

People who hoard commonly collect items that other people might consider useless garbage such as newspapers, old magazines, plastic bags etc. They may also have an overabundance of clothing, household supplies etc.

Compulsive hoarding may also be accompanied by other disorders such as OCD, ADHD or depression. It can seriously affect one’s quality of living not only by creating a junky looking home but also by causing potentially dangerous and unsanitary conditions. It can lead to social isolation, marital and family problems as well as financial difficulties.

People who hoard may justify their behaviour by claiming items will increase in value, or has sentimentality attached to it. They may just say they will need a given item someday.  Different from collectors who usually feel a sense of pride in their collections, hoarders are often embarrassed or ashamed of their clutter.

When to call the junk removal company

If you are a landlord who has recently discovered you last tenant was a hoarder, the decision to call a junk removal services company like 1-888-I-AM-JUNK is an easy one. But what if you are trying to help a friend or family member who is still living in their home and does not have an active power of attorney?

In these cases, a person must actually want to be helped before the junk removal company can come in and start clearing away the debris. And even if they do want help, they might need professional counselling first to help them come to terms with their problem.

If you or someone you care about does have a hoarding problem and wants the junk removed once and for all, it can still be a traumatic experience seeing items being packed up and taken away. In these cases, it might be best not to be at home when the removal crew arrives. Instead consider having a trusted friend or family member on the premises.

Professional and caring service

If you are a hoarder and have made the difficult step in hiring junk removers, we want you to know that understand that this is a big move for you. The crews from 1-888-I-AM-JUNK are always courteous and respectful of your property.

No matter how much stuff there is to take away, we sort through it all and make sure that anything that can be recycled is recycled, and stays out of the landfill. While the junk removal process can be very hard on hoarders, most are quite happy when they see their home cleaner than it’s been in years.

We have helped many customers with compulsive hoarding disorder, to regain their homes and make a fresh start. Call us today to get yours.