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Junk removal checklist. What you need to know before calling a junk removal service

Junk removal checklist. What you need to know before calling a junk removal service

So you’ve decided to finally get rid all that unwanted stuff and call a junk removal service. Good for you! Whether you’re cleaning up your yard, basement, garage or some other part of your house – or even if you are helping a friend or family member with their clean-up, having a junk removal checklist can help make the process a whole lot easier.

The following are a few of the items to put on your junk removal checklist:

  1. What services do you want from your junk removal company. There are all kinds of companies out there that will take away your unwanted stuff, but they vary widely in the kinds of services that they actually provide. 1-888-I-AM-JUNK is a full service company that will do all the clean-up and sorting for you. We also make sure that anything that can be recycled or donated stays out of the landfills.
  2. Know what can be taken and what can’t be. Companies like 1-888-I-AM-JUNK can take many types of items and rubbish away ranging from old toys and tools to furniture, appliances and construction debris. But there are still certain items that we can’t take. These include anything that is classified as toxic waste including chemicals, old paint cans and batteries.
  3. Know what you want to be taken. The last thing you want to be doing when the junk removal service arrives is still making decisions about what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. Have a really good idea ahead of time what is staying and what is going. Labelling stuff ahead of time is very helpful and can make the process go more quickly, but it is not absolutely necessary if you are going to be there when the crew arrives.
  4. Don’t get too emotional about stuff. Some people find it easy to get nostalgic about their old term papers from twenty years ago or their very first Commodore 64 computer. But really, if you haven’t used or even touched something in years, it’s probably time to say goodbye.
  5. Choose your day and time. Even if you have a service that does all the hard work for you, having junk removed is still a time consuming process. You’ll want to pick a time when you don’t have too many other things going on. If you’ll soon be having house guests or entertaining, it’s also a good idea to have your junk removal done before that time so that you and your guests can enjoy your nice clean home.
  6. Clear entryways. If you commonly have a pile of children’s shoes in the entry way to your home, of if you typically have big planters on either side of your front door, you should move these to give the junk removers as much room as possible. This is especially the case if they will be moving large items such as furniture or appliances.

Once you have your junk removal checklist covered, it is time to free yourself of those unwanted items. Call 1-888-I-AM-JUNK and enjoy the freedom of a clutter-free home.