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Should I haul away my own junk or hire junk removal services?

Should I haul away my own junk or hire junk removal services?

People seem to generate a lot of garbage and trash these days and at times it can even pile up a bit if you do not remove it in a timely manner.  Many times we hold onto possessions so long that they seem to be a part of us.  It can be difficult to let go of these items and the idea of simply tossing them out can be a tough call.  Sometimes we just need a gentle push to help separate us from these things and hiring junk removal services is a good way to get the ball rolling.    In the Toronto area there are many junk removal services to choose from so it should not be too difficult to find one that can handle your debris quickly and cheaply.  Due to the large number in the area, you can expect to find a competitive price for the project.

What are the benefits of hauling away your own junk?

  • Save money – Obviously doing something on your own versus paying someone else represents a cost savings if you have the means. The flip side to that coin is that you are investing your own time into the removal process, so you should consider what your time is worth before going that route.
  • Set the schedule – If there is no coordination with a junk removal service, you can pick and choose when you decide to haul away your debris. The problem is that people having trouble letting go of personal items may drag their feet, which can extend the life of this removal project.
  • Pick and choose – It is a little easier to personally sift through the belongings than have a professional company come in and do it if you’re afraid so you won’t miss something.

What are the benefits of hiring junk removal services to take away your debris?

  • Recycling – 1-888-I-AM-JUNK is one such company that prides itself on recycling the maximum amount of your junk, so you can feel good knowing some portion of your trash is being recycled and you’re getting a nice clean space in return.
  • Fast and efficient – Most junk removal services operate with a fleet of trucks and personnel, so that when they arrive at your job site they have a team for heavy lifting and quick haulage. This is ideal for times when you need the junk moved quickly.
  • No mess – The fastest way to kill your lawn is to drop a heavy, unsightly dumpster out front while you remove your junk by hand and then wait for someone to come pick it up. Junk removal services can come in and charge you for your portion of their truckload, so you get a fair price and can keep your lawn beautiful.

As you can see, deciding to haul away your junk on your own can save you a little cash, but it will take quite a while if you have any large items and you’ll just end up spending the money on a truck or dumpster rental more than likely.  A professional junk removal service in the Toronto area can carry off your trash in a matter of hours with zero damage to your home and no ugly, rusted dumpster killing your lawn for several days or weeks.