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What can a junk removal company take?

What can a junk removal company take?

Have you ever thought about hiring a junk removal company but didn’t because you were too concerned that the items you had for them to haul away were too heavy, too awkward or too large. Maybe you held on to your items because you knew they could be recycled or reused and didn’t want them to end up in a landfill. This article will answer the simple but common question, “what can a junk removal company take?”

  • Residential Junk – Whether it’s old and broken toys, electronics or sports equipment that has seen better days, we are able to clean out the clutter that’s been taking up space in your basement, garage and other areas of your home.
  • Commercial junk – Businesses commonly have their own unique types of junk. Skids and pallets, broken display racks, construction debris and equipment that no longer works are all examples of what we can haul away for you.
  • Garbage – Sometimes “junk” isn’t even nice enough to be called junk. It’s garbage pure and simple. Perhaps it’s trash that an old tenant or even a previous homeowner left behind. Whatever it is, you probably don’t want to handle it yourself. But even if your junk is a little on the gross side, we can take it off your hands for you.
  • Appliances – Old appliances can take up much needed space in your home. But they are big and heavy to move. Instead of renting a truck and trying to do the back breaking work yourself, one of our junk removal teams can quickly dispose of old stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators and other appliances for you.
  • Furniture – Couches, easy chairs and old mattresses are other items that can be awkward and heavy for you to remove on your own. But they’re not too awkward and heavy for us! Our large trucks can easily accommodate these items, giving you more space to enjoy the furnishings that you still use and love.
  • Yard waste – The indoors aren’t the only part of your home that can accumulate junk. Our customers often call us to help them clean up their yards. Whether you’ve got large tree limbs that have fallen down, broken fencing, concrete slabs – even an old above ground pool that you wish to dispose of – we can help.
  • Recyclables and reusables – Not all junk is garbage. Many times it can be recycled or donated to be reused by someone else. When we haul your stuff away, we don’t simple make a bee line to the nearest landfill. We sort through everything and recycle and donate whatever we can. That way you can be assured of an environmentally friendly clean up.

Are there any items you don’t take?

With all the items that we can take, it’s almost hard to believe there are still some items that we are not able to take for you. These include any items that are considered hazardous waste such as chemicals, paint cans, batteries etc.

So next time you think that a junk removal service may not be able to take the items you want to get rid of, remember that we can take just about anything. And if you’re still not sure, simply give us a call and ask!