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What is considered junk?

What is considered junk?

There is a saying that goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  This means what is considered junk to somebody, may be quite useful to someone else.  Junk is typically classified as a valueless article occupying space that would be better served for housing something more useful.  Junk can be broken things, obsolete items or otherwise outgrown things that do not currently serve a valuable purpose to you.  However there is another side to junk; some junk that is otherwise worthless may have sentimental value which is why the owner cannot let it go.  Forming a bond with belongings over a long period of time is very common and many people that are classified as hoarders have a crippling addiction to their junk.

Value and Junk

Value can be defined as the cost someone is willing to pay for an item.  Persons with sentimental attachments to otherwise worthless possessions would still argue that they have value, even if the general perception is that the item is indeed junk or trash.  Junk can be broken down into many categories, but basically it consists of items that should be disposed of yet still linger.  Bringing in a professional junk removal company like 1-888-I-AM-JUNK can help you sort through your belongings and better determine what should be kept and what can be discarded.  The following items can usually be pretty clearly defined as junk:

  • Demolition from remodeling – There is almost no way to re-use drywall as it tends to soften over time and it typically gets damaged during removal. The same can be said for some wood and older piping.  These items may be cumbersome and tend to find their way to garages over time, just waiting for a few sets of hands to help scrap them.
  • Excess fabrics, paper, carpet – This is generally scrap leftovers from previous projects that may be large enough for patches in the event that they are needed, but not enough to sell or cover an entire room.
  • Broken appliances, furniture – Many times these items get tagged as junk because the cost to repair them is more than they are worth. Refrigeration units and washer/dryers typically fall into this category because a professional is needed for the repairs.
  • Partially used/expired chemicals – This category would include paint cans, varnishes and other flammable liquids that could represent fire hazards and are a needless danger to your home. Generally these items get purchased with a singular use in mind and there is a lot of excess that cannot be disposed of easily due to the caustic nature of the product. Note that these are the only items on this list which cannot be taken by a junk removal service. Instead you should bring them you a municipal hazardous waste depot.

To sum it up, worthless material would fall into the category of what is considered junk.  A smart homeowner that can identify their yard/attic/garage material as junk would do well to hire a professional company to remove their junk.  This is a good way to maintain a high value for the bigger assets like the health of their family and property.  It can be a difficult decision, but ultimately removing the baggage of unnecessary junk is an essential part of life.