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What Junk Removal Companies Do After It’s Hauled Away?

What Junk Removal Companies Do After It’s Hauled Away?

When you hire a junk removal service, you may be concerned about where the things you are disposing of will end up. There are more people living on the Earth than ever before, which means more junk is being created by the second than at any point in our history. Conscientious individuals that want to make the world a better place for generations to come generally take a keen interest in where their junk may be going after removal. This is an especially common in the progressive Toronto market where conservation and recycle efforts are a major community concern. Most junk removal services like 1-800-IAM-JUNK will gladly discuss the policies and procedures we have in place to sort and recycle the junk we remove from our customer’s homes, yards and buildings.

Eco-Friendly Removal

A good junk removal company understands their role in the movement to responsibly dispose of trash and they should be able to explain their strategy for maximizing the amount of re-useable junk they collect. However not all junk removal companies are the same so if you are interested in where your junk will end up, you should not hesitate to ask them. The less junk that goes in our landfills the better, so make sure the removal service you choose will sort your junk by biodegradable materials, plastics and aluminum to name a few.

In a city the size of Toronto, there are a multitude of junk removal companies that are successfully operating, so businesses will do everything they can to find a competitive advantage. Recycling is one such service that may require a little bit more effort on our part at 1-800-IAM-JUNK, but the payoff is deeply satisfying to know that we are performing a needed service to our customers while helping them to reduce their carbon footprint at the same time.

Not Much Recyclable Value

This is generally the case with organic materials like yard debris. Downed tree limbs, lawn clippings, leaves and excess dirt all fall into this category and it is important to get them cleaned up as soon as possible because they can be havens for rodents and insects that could potentially infest your yard or home. 1-800-IAM-JUNK can take care of these items as well, by swiftly loading them in our truck and depositing them in a landfill to biodegrade.

Companies Responsibility Is To Reuse

Building materials like steel, aluminum, plastics and wood can be reused most of the time, so you should confirm that your junk removal service in the Toronto area will be sorting and redistributing these materials for future use. Most times linoleum, mortar and drywall are not materials that can be re-purposed so they typically get ground up and placed in a landfill. Most times asphalt and mortar can be crushed and re-used if the junk removal company you hire has the proper tools.

Overall the majority of materials that we look to dispose of as junk are recyclable these days so do not forget to ask your junk removal company what their intentions are to ensure your stuff can be reused if at all possible.