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What Should I Consider For Junk Removal in Toronto?

What Should I Consider For Junk Removal in Toronto?

What is and isn’t junk will always be up for debate. The word “junk” means different things to people, so the best general definition of the word junk is something that has little to no value and occupies a space that could be better used by something that is more useful. In the Toronto area, items that are frequently classified as junk might include: leftover chemicals, excess construction materials, broken furniture or yard trash and debris. We will explain these categories more specifically later but they are all things that the vast majority of people consider to be junk. Due to the large amount of construction, renovation and remodeling that goes on in a city the size of Toronto and the fact that most homes have basements, you can expect that demolition and construction materials are usually the most common junk items.

Junk Value

In terms of what is and isn’t junk, you must consider the definition of value. The price an item will fetch in a fair market is generally considered its value, but that amount is largely based on perception. As an example, if you happen to have an extra, damaged appliance that is not functioning and taking up space in your home, you might consider getting rid of it for next to nothing since it does not have value in your mind. On the other hand, should a handyman or electrician be in need of an appliance, they may view your non-working “junk” as just a replacement fuse or wire away from being a great purchase. Value is not always immediately apparent, so if you are not sure, you might do well to hire an appraiser before your bring in a junk removal service.

Yard Sales

This another way to squeeze value out of unwanted or discarded items. After your junk has been picked over, it is a good idea to hire someone like 1-800-IAM-JUNK to come and haul away the rest! We specialize in bundling and removing your junk quickly and at a reasonable price. Should you have it all collected in one central area after your yard sale, the job will go that much faster.
Regarding the categories of junk we discussed earlier, they can be reviewed in greater detail below.

Organic Materials – Yard debris, paper, fabric, carpet. These are all classified as organic products that will rot and decay over time. People tend to hold onto to them for sentimental reasons or because they perceive there to be value in leftover pieces of carpet or fabric. The reality is that the pieces are not generally large enough to serve any purpose other than a patch.

Appliances and Furniture – Expensive repairs that are needed by a repairman or carpenter are usually the reasons these sort of items wind up as junk in homes. Again there is perceived value for the items so homeowners do not want to discard them, but without performing a function they are glorified junk that is taking up space.

Construction Materials – These are leftovers from building projects or teardowns that require a truck service or removal company to dispose of. Many times the weight and cumbersome size of these materials prevents the homeowner from effectively removing them by themselves. For that reason they tend to sit around and take up otherwise useful space.

You should now have a pretty good idea of what constitutes junk in the Toronto area. Should there be any doubt left in your mind, you can contact 1-800-IAM-JUNK and we will come out to assess your situation. We can offer suggestions and estimate for removal should you make the wise decision wipe the slate clean and finally rid yourself of the junk.