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What To Do Prior To Junk Removal Company Arriving?

What To Do Prior To Junk Removal Company Arriving?

When you have decided to hire a junk removal company in the Toronto area, there is some prep work you should do around your house or yard to ensure they can remove your junk quickly and with no damage to your property. It is important to remember the safer the job is for the people moving your junk, the quicker the job will go, which is generally a good thing for all parties involved. Below we will discuss the strategies a homeowner can employ to make the job more accessible and safer for those working in his/her home, so that dangerous situations involving chemicals or sharp, heavy objects, or other health concerns can be anticipated and successfully avoided.

One Example

You might want to prep your home for before the junk removal company arrives would be clearing out the demolition from a previous renovation or remodeling job. Anything you can do to cut down on the amount of dust and particulate in the air will help keep your furniture and home cleaner during the removal process. It is also a good idea to remove as many obstacles as possible that might impede the workers from getting your junk out of the home. Furniture, appliances and any items you wish to keep should be cleared out of the way to prevent them from getting damaged and from slowing down the process.

During The Winter

In the Toronto area, there can be bitterly cold winters with severe weather during those months. Should your removal project be an outdoor one, the weather can be an impediment. Most junk removal companies can overcome a little cold, as they understand customers have needs any day of the year, but when the snow piles up, your project may have to wait. Sometimes outdoor piles of junk also become havens for bugs and rodents. When the weather is bad, removing the animal’s home may cause them to seek alternate shelter, which could lead them to your home.

This leads to the next problem you should seek to resolve or at the very least disclose to your junk removal company and that is a home infestation. When the removal company has prior notice, they can take the proper precautions to protect your home and avoid spreading the problem while helping you make it treatable by pest control professionals. This is also a good idea if the home or debris is hazardous material like asbestos or lead-based paint. At 1-800-IAM-JUNK we can handle these obstacles, but it will help protect you and your home if we are aware of the situation ahead of time so we can plan accordingly.

Know What Junk You Are Tossing

When you decide to get your junk removed in the Toronto area, the homeowner will want to take some time to sort through their belongings before the workers arrive for the job. That way you will not be in the way while they try to do the job and you won’t have to second guess yourself about what junk you’re getting rid of. This is an important step because you might uncover valuable items you thought had been lost, or you might find that you’ve been holding onto moldy newspapers for years. Either way, you’ll be taking a step in the right direction by sorting through the junk before the movers come to your home.